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Lake Weeds Away Inc.

Kasco Deicer Blower

Kasco Deicer Blower

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Kasco Deicer Blower

Introducing the Kasco Deicer Blower from Lake Weeds Away, a robust solution designed to tackle the challenges of shoreline maintenance. Powered by a 1HP 120 volt motor and equipped with a 50 ft cord, this unit excels in removing muck, weeds, and debris from your waterfront. Its powerful underwater motor effortlessly uproots weeds and clears silt, transforming weedy, mucky shorelines into pristine, swimmable waters without resorting to harmful chemicals.

Key Features:

  • 1HP 120 Volt Motor: Delivers powerful performance for effective muck and weed removal.
  • 50 Ft Cord: Offers extended reach for convenient shoreline maintenance.
  • Efficient Underwater Motor: Blasts away silt, muck, and weeds, aerating the water in the process.
  • Chemical-Free Solution: Protects the aquatic ecosystem by avoiding harmful substances.
  • Clears Shorelines: Converts mucky, weedy areas into clean, swimmable waters.
  • Eco-Friendly: Safe for fish and wildlife, promoting a healthy aquatic environment.

Perfect for homeowners and property managers seeking an environmentally friendly way to maintain their waterfronts, the Kasco Deicer Blower stands out as a dependable and efficient tool in the fight against aquatic weed invasion.

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