Lake Weeds Away Inc.


Lake Weeds Away Inc. is proudly based in Ennismore, ON, offering services across Canada to ensure your shorelines are pristine and your docks are swimmable. With over a decade of experience, our journey began as waterfront homeowners ourselves, identifying a widespread need and devising a solution to benefit others. Our mission is to assist you in creating and sustaining clear waters, making every inch of your shoreline enjoyable.

As a family-owned business, Lake Weeds Away Inc. is dedicated to eliminating aquatic weeds, muck, and algae, enhancing the beauty and health of water bodies nationwide. Our commitment over the years has been twofold: achieving beautiful, weed-free waterfronts and contributing positively to our ecosystems.

Consistently delivering exceptional customer service has been our hallmark for more than ten years, helping you achieve the waterfront oasis you've envisioned.



We offer top-quality products proven effective on our own shoreline, ensuring others can enjoy swimmable, weed-free docks, beaches, and waters. Our firsthand experience guarantees the effectiveness of our solutions, bringing the joy of pristine waterfronts to everyone.