Frequently Asked Questions for Lake Weeds Away

Weedy Dockside Waters Sunset

  1. How does the Lake Weeds Away System keep my waterfront clear? Our system utilizes a powerful, eco-friendly underwater motor that attaches to your dock or as a freestanding frame, effectively blowing away silt, muck, and plant debris to prevent aquatic weeds, including Coontail, Eurasian Watermilfoil, Elodea, and algae, from taking root. 

  2. Is the system safe for the aquatic environment? Absolutely. Our product employs a physical removal process, avoiding chemicals and preserving the natural ecosystem and water quality, making it completely safe for fish and wildlife.

  3. Can I install the system myself? Yes, our product is designed for straightforward self-installation, with clear instructions provided. Should you need assistance, our customer support is readily available, or you can opt for professional installation.

  4. What types of aquatic weeds can the system control? Our system is effective against a broad spectrum of aquatic weeds, such as Coontail, Eurasian Watermilfoil, Elodea, algae, and other invasive species, though effectiveness can vary with the conditions of your waterfront.

  5. How frequently should the system be used for best results? Usage frequency should be tailored to your specific situation, starting with regular intervals and adjusting as needed based on weed growth and water conditions for optimal control.

  6. What maintenance does the system require? Minimal maintenance is needed. Regular checks to ensure the motor and components remain clear of debris will ensure the system functions effectively.

  7. What is the warranty on the system? Our products come with a manufacturer's warranty. For specifics on coverage and how to make a claim, please consult our warranty documentation.

  8. Can this system be used in all sizes and types of water bodies? Yes, it's designed for versatility across various water bodies, from small ponds to large lakes. Effectiveness may vary by size and environmental factors.

  9. How can I determine if this system is right for my waterfront? If you're seeking an eco-friendly, non-chemical method to manage aquatic weeds, our system is an excellent choice. For advice tailored to your situation, please contact us directly.

  10. Where can I purchase the system and what's the cost? Purchase directly through our website, where you'll find pricing and occasionally special offers for added value.

For further inquiries or detailed info, visit our website or reach out to our dedicated customer service team.